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Polar Bear RPG is an independant fantasy and science fiction publishing house, producing Print Books, eBooks, Audio Books, Games and Accessories. If you are interested in stocking any of our products or if you would like to learn more about joining our team of writers and artists, please use the Contact Us form below to get in touch. And why not follow us on LinkedIn for news of our upcoming new releases!

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Dungeon Rune

[Game System]

Dungeon Rune is a table-top roleplaying game system for running games of exploration and adventure in which players take the roles of travellers moving through a vast and diverse fantasy world on a journey of discovery. Along the way they will encounter all sorts of strange people, animals and monsters. With a bit of quick thinking and a roll of the die, outcomes will be decided and new directions will be revealed, friendships will be made and lost, battles will be fought and every step of the way, characters will grow stronger and – with any luck – a little bit wiser.

Released under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 public licence. Use of this system for games and game worlds is encouraged in line with the conditions and guidelines of this licence.

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[Game World]

Powerful wizards rule over the people as cunning artisans fashion great machines to lead the world into a bright tomorrow. Shrewd thieves and silent assassins move through the streets, pious priests and zealous paladins call out, skilled soldiers and fierce warriors battle for dominance all as the gods of order and chaos look down ... welcome to Mithrym!

Mithrym is a Roleplay Game World created with Dungeon Rune.

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[Game World]

In the mists of time, before the planets and their moons were forged in the primordial furnace of the universe, a dying star, first of its kind, spun and shrank and fell in upon itself. The singularity was formed and into it came all other matter. With every new addition, its mass increased and it grew as the young universe grew also until all around it was the spinning, shining mass of the galaxy! But there, in its centre, the singularity remained, eating away at creation, pulling it further and further in. Mavros, we named it ... for it is always hungry.

Karovelon is a Roleplay Game World created with Dungeon Rune.

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Cities of Sten

[Game World]

We built our cities on the living magic of the rocks beneath the world ...

Cities of Sten is a Roleplay Game World created with Dungeon Rune.

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Jimmy Clephane

Author of the Tales of Mithrym Series


Jimmy Clephane, creator of the Dungeon Rune game system and Mithrym game world has written a series of novellas exploring the world of Mithrym through the eyes of three young renagades. What adventures could a retired soldier, a young warrior and a wanted thief get caught up in? And what great heights will they find themselves exploring? Start reading to find out! Books are available in Print, eBook and Audio Book editions.

H. M. Wolff

Author of the Ruby Squirrels Series

H. M. Wolff, writer of the Ruby Squirrels series of novellas following the exploits of three adventurers during the Great Dream of Dungeon Rune. An Elf, a Human and a Goblin, working together to explore deep dungeons, ancient temples and dangerous forests in search of treasure and a story-of-two to tell.

Amity Clarke

Author of the Void Song Series

Amity Clarke is writing an upcoming series of stories set in the Mavros System of Karovelon. Follow the crew of a Beta Class Starship as they fight to survive. Taking on zombies, pirates and even the black hole itself!